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Cooperative Parenting

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Educational Workshops and Counseling for Divorcing Parents

The Parenting Apart Education Program (PAEP) ($150) is a six hour training session required by the CT family court system for all divorcing parents.  It focuses on how to understand and buffer the impact of divorce on children, as well as techniques for keeping communication child-focused and positive after separation occurs.  Monthly classes are offered in Storrs, Brooklyn and Norwich and quarterly classes are conducted in Vernon/Manchester.  To register for a class and obtain more information, call 860-486-1005.  See class times schedule in the Parenting Apart Education Program and How Do I Get Started tabs.

Parenting Apart Intensive ($150) is a new pilot class for individuals who have experienced high conflict divorce or custody interactions.  The intensive three hour workshop focuses on addressing the high emotions involved with co-parenting under stress, techniques for minimizing conflict in interactions, managing reactions and responses to the other parent, focusing on child impact and structured communication.  There is a one hour individual follow up session with a facilitator to review use of the skills, which is included in the price of the workshop.  Co-parenting counseling is also available as an optional follow up to the intensive workshop.   Currently this class is offered by referral from Family Relations in the Norwich area only, but may expand at a later date. For more information about this class, call 860-486-1005

Counseling ($30 per session) for separated or divorcing couples who are affected by court involvement and are having difficulty making mutual decisions around their child(ren). Counseling focuses on addressing the high emotions that come along with prolonged conflict and finding ways to relax intense communication, to focus on the child(ren)’s needs and to simplify requests.  A combination of individual and conjoint sessions are held to achieve this purpose, each individual is coached on their communication and supported to frame their desires for their child in practical terms that the other parent can respond to.   Both parents need to contact for a phone intake in order to initiate the referral.  To begin the process call 860-486-3692. Each parent pays $15 per session.