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Clinical Services

The Humphrey Clinic is located at 843 Bolton Road at the South end of Campus, near E.O. Smith High School.

The Humphrey Clinic is located at 843 Bolton Road at the South end of Campus, near E.O. Smith High School.

Services include individual, couple and family therapy designed to help clients solve life’s challenges, at least in part, through leveraging the power of relationships. Some of the common topics addressed at Humphrey Clinic are issues with couple and family relationships, anxiety, depression, post-divorce parenting education, school performance, loss, trauma and managing individual, couple and family life transitions.

Therapists at the Humphrey Clinic are Masters and Doctoral level graduate students from small tightly knit educational cohorts, who are supervised by Connecticut licensed MFT faculty through video recording, live observation or therapeutic team format. Humphrey Clinic clinicians focus on delivering collaborative treatment unique to each case and are trained to balance dialogue with more than one person in the room. Common goals of therapy include improving cooperation and communication skills, managing family roles, exploring new strategies to resolve conflicts or trying out new patterns of thought, feeling or behavior.  Recent program offerings have included counseling for divorcing couples with a high level of court conflict, pre-marital or “empty-nest” relationship enhancement, assessing child adjustment to divorce and supporting parent/child relationships through individual, couple and family conflict resolution. Research studies explore what makes therapy effective, the impact of relationships on individuals and a wide range of couple and family-related topics.

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Humphrey Clinic therapists work with children, adolescents and adults across the lifespan from a strength-based and “relational” perspective, meaning that client strengths are viewed as being as significant as “problems” and that peers, partners and family members are considered a powerful source of information and a potential resource.  Humphrey Clinic therapists work collaboratively with other mental health and medical disciplines for consultation and referrals, for example, in cases where medication is considered. Most clients attend weekly for an average of eight sessions, but some remain in contact over longer periods of time based on their treatment goals.

Humphrey Clinic is committed to ensuring high quality service delivery by regularly asking for feedback from clients and working on collaborative goals. Research and assessment processes aim to continuously identify what is important and useful in therapy and participants are asked regularly to inform their therapy process.  All information is kept strictly confidential and while insurance is not accepted, payment is tailored to family size and income, based on an affordable sliding fee scale.

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