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UCONN Students :   $15 per session

Court-Referred Co-Parenting Counseling : $15-25 per person, per session, based on sliding scale income/family size.

Prepare/Engage couple relationship enhancement: $35 for online assessment, sliding fee scale for couple sessions (usually ranges from $15-$45)

Story Stems / Listen & Lead : Sliding fee scale based on income and family size, (usually ranges from $15-$45)

Sliding Fee Scale for ongoing counseling is based on annual income and family size.  Call for intake and discuss fee for your family with the Clinic Director.

Sliding Fee Sample, for a family of three:

$5 with income under $20,000, $15 up to 57,000-67,000, $20 for 67,000-76,000 $30 for 76,000-99,000, $40 for 99,000-129,000, $50 for 129,000+ 


Parenting Apart Education Program

$125 payable by money order only, at class

Fee waiver is available through the court clerk’s office with financial hardship